When you were young, it always seemed as if you could bounce back from anything. Whether you got injured from playing sports or regular exercise, it never took long for you to heal. However, as you get older, your body’s healing ability begins to decrease, making it difficult to recover from even minor injuries. After the age of 30, most adults become more vulnerable to inflammation from tendon and ligament damage, which eventually leads to a myriad of mobility problems, including muscle tears and sprains.

Of course, many aging adults would prefer to restore their healing ability and regain their youth, but that can become an impossible journey as time continues to march on. Or at least, it used to be. However, thanks to the cutting-edge innovations in hormone replacement, there are numerous advancements in peptide therapy that can help adults accelerate their healing process and recovery time; all it takes is a little research to figure out which one works best for you.

With so many people seeing the benefits of peptide therapy, new peptide compounds are being created every day to help improve one’s overall health. Typically, most synthetic peptides mainly focus on muscle growth and fat reduction. However, if you’re looking for a peptide to promote accelerated healing and recovery, there are still a few compounds to choose from, and one of the most popular to date is the peptide compound BPC-157.

What Is Peptide BPC-157?

how to inject bpc 157

The BPC-157 peptide is a partial amino acid sequence (consisting of 15 amino acids) synthetically created from the Body Protection Compound that is typically found in the stomach’s gastric juices. Commonly referred to as a gastric pentadecapeptide, BPC-157 is a synthetic compound that provides numerous regenerative and therapeutic properties to the intestinal area of the human body.

But BPC-157 is not just useful for protecting the stomach. Thanks to its healing ability, BPC-157 can also be used to treat inflammatory disorders and organ damage. The peptide compound can even be used to help repair bone and joint damage, making it an effective treatment for athletes and aging adults needing to boost the healing process and accelerate recovery time. And those are just a few benefits that adults can experience from utilizing BPC-157 in their peptide treatment.

What Are the Benefits of BPC-157?

By activating the body’s growth hormone receptors and increasing blood flow to specific areas, BPC-157 can promote rapid healing for several body areas such as the skin, bone, ligaments, and tendons. In doing so, BPC-157 can offer several other benefits, which include:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased cellular regeneration
  • Muscular development
  • Improved brain cognition
  • Increased serotonin production to help improve mood

BPC-157 can also repair your intestinal lining and help to balance the interaction between your gut, nervous system, and immune system. Using BPC-157 to improve gut health can also help treat patients suffering from inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, leaky gut syndrome, and other intestinal-related issues. As a result, many more patients with intestinal conditions turn to peptide therapy to reap BPC-157’s benefits.

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How To Take BPC-157

There are several ways to administer BPC-157 as you undergo peptide therapy. Each one provides a certain degree of effectiveness and comfort during dosing, so you may want to discuss those options with your physician before starting BPC-157 treatment. You have the choice to administer BPC-157:


Intramuscular injections will require an office visit for your physician to administer BPC-157 directly onto the injured area to accelerate the healing process. Although intramuscular injections can be quite painful, most patients find that the injection helps heal injuries quickly, so it is typically a commonly used option among athletes with extensive injuries to shorten their recovery time.


Subcutaneous injections are a more convenient option that can be administered at home or the doctor’s office. During subcutaneous injections, the needle is typically injected slightly below the skin’s surface to provide a pain-free method to treat tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries. Aging adults typically use this method to help repair and restore movement affected by physical deterioration due to the aging process.


BPC-157 capsules are used primarily by patients who prefer an alternative to use needles. Since ingesting BPC-157 capsules allows the peptide to travel directly through the GI tract and onward to the stomach, BPC-157 pills are also considered the most effective method to improve digestion and gut health.


Patients who prefer convenient alternatives to administering BPC-157 may also choose nasal sprays to help utilize the peptide and access its benefits. With nasal administration, patients can also accelerate the brain’s neuron repair, reduce brain inflammation, and help combat symptoms of mold toxicity.

Depending on your medical history and personal preference, your physician will determine which BPC-157 option will be right for you before providing a BPC-157 prescription. However, among most patients, BPC-157 peptide injections are considered the more effective method in fully absorbing BPC-157 for treatment.

BPC-157’s Effective Dose

Based on the medical history and treatment needs of each case, BPC-157 dosage can vary for each patient. The typical BPC-157 dosage can range anywhere from 200 to 1,000 micrograms. However, depending on your body type, taking such high amounts of BPC-157 may pose a greater risk for adverse side effects, so your physician may recommend starting with smaller doses before gradually increasing your dosage to higher levels. They will also monitor your progress to determine the dosage level most effective in treating your body.

To receive the best results from BPC-157 treatment, you must adhere to the recommended BPC-157 cycle length that the physician prescribes. In order for your body to fully reap the benefits of BPC-157, it will need the entire cycle time frame to get adjusted to the compound and produce optimal results.

When Will I See BPC-157 Results?

Some patients may see results from a few days to a few weeks. However, patients typically report seeing results after their first dosage cycle, which is normally between 6 to 12 weeks. Increased injection dosages can lead to faster muscle development; however, a higher dosage may also increase the risk of unwanted side effects.

You will need to discuss your overall goals and consult with your physician to determine the appropriate dosage amount to help you safely achieve results in an optimal time frame to suit your needs.

What Are the Side Effects of BPC-157?

As with other peptide medications, BPC-157 can potentially cause several side effects that patients will normally experience after consuming peptides for an extended period of time. The most common side effects that patients have reported after using BPC-157 include:

  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Hot flashes
  • Liver and kidney complications

Patients with pre-existing medical conditions are also at a higher risk of experiencing adverse side effects after using BPC-157. If you are currently taking other medications for your medical condition, you need to speak with a physician about any potential side effects before using BPC-157.

Is BPC-157 Illegal?

Currently, BPC-157 is considered legal for use in the United States by prescription, but that may also depend on the rules and regulations of your specific location. You will need to visit and consult with a licensed physician to receive a prescription for BPC-157.

At Renew Vitality, we have certified physicians on staff that can help you determine whether BPC-157 is right for you. In addition, they can inform you of any BPC-157 rules and regulations regarding your locale and create a treatment plan that uses BPC-157 safely and effectively to produce the best results.

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