The pituitary gland produces less human growth hormone every year, causing our mortal bodies to age and break down. By the time we’re in our 40s, our HGH levels are less than 50%, and before long, we have to deal with uncomfortable and unwanted changes in our health, such as fatigue and muscle deterioration. Peptide therapy is a new and innovative form of hormone replacement therapy that utilizes peptide hormones to help restore muscle mass and stimulate the body’s production of human growth hormones. With peptides, aging adults can improve energy, increase strength, and help accelerate their recovery time after exercise. Peptide therapy also offers several benefits, including increased sex drive, improved mood, and a reduction in weight. Thanks to the regenerative properties of peptides therapy, adults can not only slow down the aging process, but they can restore their youthful exuberance and improve their health.

What are Peptides?

peptide formula
Peptides are short molecular chains of amino acids that make up the building blocks of the body’s proteins. These peptide chains typically contain anywhere from 2 to 50 amino acids and can be found within larger protein chains carrying 100 amino acids or more.

Due to their small size, peptides usually are easier to break down than proteins and can be easily absorbed by the skin or internal organs to spread through the bloodstream more efficiently. As peptides move through your system, they send signals or messages to the body to begin the process of healing or production of melanin to help protect your skin from damage. Peptides can also work as hormones to regulate your immune system and other aspects of your body.

Peptide hormones function as messengers that allow your cells to communicate with each other. And just like other molecular compounds in the body, many types of peptides are responsible for controlling a wide range of bodily functions.

For example, healing peptides like collagen send signals to the skin to produce new cells to repair damaged skin and retain its youthfulness. Likewise, a peptide hormone like insulin regulates your blood glucose level, whereas the peptide hormone known as ghrelin helps control your appetite.

Peptides are naturally occurring parts of our bodies and are part of your basic diet. So you can normally find peptides in plants, animals, and other sources of protein, including:

  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Soy
  • Oats

However, although you can find peptides in everyday foods, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate more peptides into your body to help improve and maintain your functionality and appearance. Thanks to modern science, there are now numerous enhancements in peptide treatment that can help optimize your overall health and well-being.

How Peptides Work

Peptides bind themselves to specific receptors in the membrane of related cells and function only when a signal is sent to the receptor to activate. The peptide is then sent to the parts of your body that need repair and begins to heal or strengthen the area.

For example, accidentally cutting your hand will immediately prompt signals to send collagen peptides to the damaged area via the receptors to begin healing the wound. After a few weeks, your hand is completely healed without any visible signs of damage.

However, the process is quite different with peptide hormones. Peptide hormones typically remain housed in the glands and other organs (such as the stomach and the brain) to send messages from one organ to another. They act as a base of operations for many of the signals sent throughout the body.

With peptides becoming increasingly popular for their cosmetic ability to reduce the signs of aging, many over-the-counter products utilize peptides with the promise to produce “younger, smoother skin.” Of course, many people look at these products and wonder, “do peptides really work?”

Although results may vary depending on the case, peptide therapy has proven to be very effective in helping aging adults reverse the aging process. However, the older you get, the more likely your body may respond differently to the introduction of peptide medication. As men over the age of 40 consider incorporating peptide treatment into their lifestyle, they usually ask:

“Is peptide therapy safe for me to use?”

The answer is yes. Several treatment plans at Renew Vitality provide safe and effective ways to utilize peptides for men. To find out more, call us at 1-800-785-3945 or visit us online.

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What are The Different Types of Peptides?

Peptides are normally categorized by their source, their functions inside the human body, and how many amino acids make up their peptide chain. Currently, there are four different types of peptides.


These compounds exist when two amino acids are linked to a peptide bond.


These compounds exist when three amino acids are linked via two peptide bonds.


Oligopeptides exist when several peptide bonds connect more than two but less than 20 amino acids.


These compounds form when more than 20 amino acids are connected through a peptide bond.

You can also purchase various types of peptides to target certain body areas. The most popular peptides on the market usually include :


A popular peptide typically used to help build muscle.


A peptide known to help improve the skin and hair by promoting strength and growth.


An effective peptide used to help burn fat and aid in weight loss.


A peptide used to help with muscle gain as well as weight loss.

For peptides like collagen and creatine, there are plenty of over-the-counter brands you can purchase from your local store or order online for home delivery. However, for injectable peptides like ipamorelin and follistatin, you will need a prescription and a visit to your physician to administer the treatment.

Peptides That Increase Testosterone

Peptides can work as effective growth hormones to stimulate increased testosterone production. Several forms of peptide medicine can help raise men’s testosterone levels, which include:

  • Sermorelin
  • Gonadorelin
  • Ipamorelin

By stimulating the production and release of certain hormones like human growth hormone (HGH), peptides like Gonadorelin can effectively help boost and maintain testosterone levels.

Peptides for Weight Loss

Peptides help produce more HGH and boost testosterone levels, which can also help build lean muscle and burn fatty mass. This makes peptide therapy very popular for men hoping to lose weight. Several peptides are considered the most effective in promoting weight loss, and they include:


As it aids in cellular reproduction and lean muscle growth, Ipamorelin can alter how the body utilizes diet and exercise to help reduce fat.


AOD-9604 is a peptide that releases growth hormones to regulate metabolism and help the body burn through more fat. It also stimulates lipolysis, a process that leads to the destruction of fatty deposits as it restricts the lipogenesis process responsible for turning food materials into fatty tissue. AOD-9604 also comes with the added benefit of improved energy and muscle recovery, allowing you to make the most of your exercise regimen so you can lose weight steadily and effectively.


Sermorelin is a naturally occurring peptide in the brain that releases growth hormone to provide improved sleep, reduced body fat, and increased endurance to help your body last longer and recover faster from daily exercise.


CJC-1295 is one of the most effective peptides at releasing growth hormone and works best when combined with other peptides like Ipamorelin to create results. Using CJC-1295 can help improve cognitive function, provide a more restful recovery, and help with weight loss.


BPC-157 is a peptide found in the gastric juices of the human body and is more well-known for its healing properties than its ability to help with weight loss. The peptide is normally used to heal damaged ligaments or tendons, which can help you recover more quickly and return to your exercise regimen. It can also prevent any chronic inflammation in the body that can lead to fatigue, so you can exercise longer and reach your weight loss goals faster. In addition, BPC-157 also provides improved digestion so your body can break down food more effectively, making it easier to lose unwanted weight gain.

Best Peptides for Muscle Growth

There are many kinds of peptides that can be used for several different purposes, but the most popular peptides are typically used to help with muscle growth and strength gaining. Because human growth hormone (HGH) helps with muscle growth and reduces body fat, peptides that promote the release of HGH are usually the best choices for men hoping to build more muscle.

Some of the best peptides to stimulate muscle growth include:


By inhibiting the myostatin protein, which typically restricts muscles from growing too large, Follistatin can help you gain muscle faster as it promotes cell growth and muscle repair at an accelerated rate.


CJC-1295 can help your body recover faster by increasing plasma growth levels after heavy exercise and training.

BPC 157

Allows muscles to quickly heal and regenerate after an intense workout, which can help accelerate your recovery time.


This peptide not only releases HGH, but it also promotes lipolysis, the process responsible for breaking down fatty lipids and weight loss.

How Much Does Peptide Therapy Cost?

Your overall cost will depend on the peptide therapy clinic you visit and the type of peptide treatment you choose. Whether you buy online or in person, the average cost of peptide therapy can range anywhere from $100 to almost $900 monthly. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t typically cover peptide therapy, so you will need to create a budget to pay for your expenses.

Are Peptides Safe?

Medical peptides are FDA-approved as a safe treatment for healthy individuals. In addition, since these peptides are naturally occurring compounds that can be found in many foods, they are the least likely candidates to cause side effects.

Peptides for men`s health

However, peptide supplements are another matter altogether. The FDA doesn’t regulate peptide supplements, which means many of them are not tested to meet federal safety standards. You will need to be careful when purchasing supplements from an unknown company, as some medications can cause adverse effects due to their ingredients. It is imperative to buy peptide supplements from a trusted company to ensure you’re receiving quality products.

If you currently take medications or have a pre-existing medical condition, you’ll need to consult with your physician before starting peptide therapy.

What Are Some of the Most Commonly Used Peptides?

Nowadays, many people utilize peptides to help them exercise and slow down the aging process. Because human growth hormone has grown increasingly popular due to muscle building and anti-aging properties, peptides that promote HGH release have also become popular in peptide therapy. The most commonly used peptides include:

  • Ipamorelin
  • CJC-1295
  • Sermorelin

Since these peptides help produce and release HGH from their pituitary gland, they’re also less expensive and much safer to use than pure HGH.

How are Peptides Given?

Because naturally occurring peptides are normally broken down as food, the human body normally can’t absorb synthetic peptides into the intestine to fully utilize their beneficial properties. So to ensure that your body can draw out the full potential of the peptides and receive the best results, peptide therapy is usually administered through subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous injection. With the injections, peptides are introduced directly into the bloodstream, where they can effectively attach themselves to receptors and send signals throughout the rest of the body.

What are the Benefits of Peptide Therapy?

Many healthy adults over the age of 30 find that there are several benefits to taking peptides, which include:

  • Decreased joint and muscle pain
  • Accelerated healing
  • Increased energy and strength
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Enhanced sexual stimulation and performance
  • Improved cognitive thinking and memory retention

At Renew Vitality, our wonderful staff of doctors can help you reap the benefits of peptide therapy and guide you to a healthier lifestyle with comprehensive wellness plans personalized to suit your needs. We combine hormone replacement therapy with an exercise and diet regimen that can effectively help you achieve an optimal state of health and overall wellness.

With hormone replacement clinics all over the United States, Renew Vitality can provide you with consultation and treatment anywhere in the country. If you’re considering peptide therapy or other forms of hormone replacement treatment, then please call 1-800-785-3945 or visit us online to find a Renew Vitality hormone replacement clinic near you.

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