As anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement therapy emerged as innovative, medicated methods for men suffering from hormone imbalance and deficiency, our co-founders Matthew Laurenzo and Kenneth Figueira realized that very few facilities in the United States specialized in the treatment. So, to meet the growing demand of men suffering from low testosterone and provide them with a medical facility to address their hormonal issues, the two men pooled their resources together and worked to create Renew Vitality in 2012. 

First based in New York, Renew Vitality focused on pairing natural premier hormone medications with manageable lifestyle plans to treat age-related symptoms such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and erectile dysfunction. Through the use of various peptide, HGH, bioidentical, and testosterone replacement therapies, the staff at Renew Vitality were able to improve men’s low hormone levels and restore their physical health, helping them to live longer and lead more active lives.

However, Laurenzo and Figueira were not satisfied with just helping men in New York with hormone replacement therapy. Instead, their goal was to ensure that any man could find access to Renew Vitality’s premier anti-aging treatment anywhere in the United States. With that goal in mind, they later worked to expand the Renew Vitality brand to California residents with another clinic in 2017. 

A few years later, Renew Vitality expanded again with the opening of our Florida clinic in 2019. Since then, Renew Vitality’s expansion has rapidly accelerated, with over 50 locations in 23 states nationwide. Once limited to just a few offices, Renew Vitality now has a network of multiple clinics and medical facilities to help men determine the root cause of their hormone deficiencies and treat the symptoms.

Now, Renew Vitality has expanded its reach with well-renowned physicians like Dr. Thierry Jacquemin, Dr. Henry J. Van Pala, Dr. Patrick Allen, and Dr. Gary Kawesch to provide premier hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging medicine all over the United States. Together, along with other medical professionals at Renew Vitality, they combine their decades of combined experience to pair safe and effective hormone treatment with exercise and diet programs to help men correct their hormone deficiencies and change their lifestyles to optimize their overall health. 

At Renew Vitality, we believe that no matter the age, every man deserves a chance to improve their overall quality of life. So our mission is to help men treat their age-related symptoms and medical conditions so they can regain and maintain their hormone levels as they get older. 

To address men’s unique physiologies, we offer several hormonal treatments to fit their specific body types and individual needs. Our hormone replacement programs include:

Renew Vitality also provide weight-loss solutions for men suffering from chronic weight gain and obesity, by utilizing specific hormonal treatments, including:

We understand that the aging process can become a scary time in a man’s life, especially when you’re unaware of what’s happening to your body.  Our physicians are eager to help you figure out the underlying causes of your age-related symptoms and provide medical treatment and expert solutions to help you overcome those issues. With Renew Vitality, you can find an experienced and reliable support team that you can trust to guide you on your journey to optimize your health.  Whether you’re undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, using Semaglutide for weight loss, or Trimix injections for erectile dysfunction, the physicians at Renew Vitality can help. We can show you how to effectively utilize hormone replacement therapy to maximize your physical and mental health so you can overcome your age-related issues and take back your life.