biography Dr. Peter HurtubiseDr. Peter Hurtubise has been a practicing Family Physician in Pennsylvania for more than 23 years. He has experience with a broad range of medical conditions including Addiction Medicine, Chronic Pain and General Family Medicine. He implements his holistic approach to treatment by embracing lifestyle management and modern pharmacologic therapy as well as a multitude of non-pharmacological approaches to care. He was trained and certified in Acupuncture at UCLA School of Medicine and has been certified in Medical Assisted Therapy for opioid addiction with Suboxone since 2006.
“Now dedicates the second chapter of his career to helping men increase their vitality, lifespan, and overall health span.”

Dr. Hurtubise’s philosophy embraces a partnership between the patient and clinician in achieving optimal health and wellness. With his passion of helping patients achieve optimal overall health along with Renew Vitality, Dr. Peter Hurtubise continues to explore and practice new medical specialties by bringing his current knowledge to testosterone replacement therapy.
“I believe that optimal health is a partnership between the patient and physician. Any doctor can treat disease. My goal is to inspire you to establish a lifestyle that embraces total health and wellness. Join us to see how you can be your best.”

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