biography Dr. Bradley S. AbrahamsonBradley S. Abrahamson, MD is a Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine physician with a long-standing interest in bone and joint health. His focus is on helping patients reach their individualized, specific activity goals, whether by restoring knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and all extremity structures.

This can start with biomechanical analysis such as gait or throwing analysis, diagnostic ultrasound and physical exam and an accurate history and assessment of individual goals. X-ray and/or MRI is ordered and read personally by Dr. Abrahamson when needed.

He also uses innovative methods to clear the inflammation out of a joint and to restore the lining of the joint, the synovium, to a more healthy state. He also has Tenex techniques to clean out unhealthy tendon, leaving behind healthy cells and tissues for healing. He has a unique skill in diagnostic ultrasound including musculoskeletal ultrasound and peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes which often mimic joint pain. In addition to doing various ultrasound-guided procedures, he is certified by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine to do fluoroscopy, an x-ray based guidance system that also improves patient safety in procedures.

Dr. Abrahamson constantly studies sports and musculoskeletal medicine, cell science and biochemical topics related to joint health and performance. His education includes an Internship in General Surgery, 3 years of Orthopedic Surgery, 3 years of Family Medicine and the Residency in Sports Medicine adds a Certification of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine to his Board Certification in Family Medicine.

Dr. Abrahamson has expanded his reach by joining Renew Vitality’s nationwide network of physicians. He assists men who experience age-related symptoms by creating and facilitating individualized testosterone treatment plans.

Dr. Abrahamson grew up primarily in Colorado but graduated from Medical School with Honors including a Distinction in Research at SUNY-Stony Brook, a well-known medical school on the East Coast. He was named the “Most Outstanding Clinician” for the Class of 1999. He did his General Surgery and the 3 years of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before changing his focus to Sports Medicine.

Dr. Abrahamson lives in Fort Collins with his wife Lara, who is a Family Physician, and his two children.

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