For men, getting older tends to be associated with a vanishing hairline, an expanding belly, fatigue, and stress. But what if we told you that you could get older without dealing with unwelcome changes to your physicality, energy levels, and libido? 

Truthfully, many of the common signs of aging may actually be associated with an underlying issue like low T. Chances are, with the right treatment, you could watch your waistline shrink, regain muscles, and feel like yourself again. 

How do I know if I have Low T?

Low T is a surprisingly common diagnosis for men over the age of 30. A little over 2% of males are affected. Many men deal with the symptoms of low T and don’t even realize it. 

Issues with sexual performance are hard to ignore. Low libido and erectile dysfunction are two of the most prevailing issues for clients with low T. They can cause a dangerous ripple effect, which puts a strain on relationships and self-esteem. 

Sexuality is complex; just because you are having issues in the bedroom, doesn’t necessarily mean your hormone levels are too low. However, since testosterone stimulates penile tissues to create erections, if you’re having issues, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment.

Testosterone works in conjunction with dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to regulate the growth of healthy hair. The relationship between T levels, DHT levels, and hair loss is complicated. Testosterone is converted into DHT. Simply put, some men are naturally more sensitive to DHT, which causes their follicles to stop producing hair. 

Male pattern baldness (MPB) has a distinct pattern. It looks similar to an “M” shape. Men tend to notice the front of their hairline becomes more sparse, along with the sides. It’s typical to develop thinning in the center of the scalp, also known as the crown or vertex. In extreme cases, the “M” shape transforms into a “U” as the two areas join. Low T doesn’t only affect the hairline; men can develop patchy chest hair too.

Bones are built to be resilient with testosterone. Adult men with low T tend to have more fragile bones and are at a greater risk of developing secondary osteoporosis.  

How are you sleeping at night? The circadian rhythm, the natural 24-hour cycle that determines a person’s sleeping and waking habits, relies on testosterone to remain stable. Clients with low T have issues falling asleep, or find themselves waking up several times throughout the night. 

Sticking to a regular exercise routine and healthy diet, filled with nutrient-dense foods, should keep you from gaining weight as long as you are burning more calories than you’re ingesting. Men with low T, tend to hold on to weight, especially in their chest and midsection, and find it difficult to build muscle, no matter how well they eat, or how often they train.

What is Testosterone Therapy? 

Testosterone therapy is essentially a wellness plan created to improve the testosterone levels in men diagnosed with low T. Typically, T levels need to be below 300 ng/dL for an official diagnosis. There are several methods for increasing testosterone, including topical gels, patches, injections, and implants.

At Renew Vitality, we prefer injectables because they are convenient and effective. Clients administer the injections at home and regularly follow up with our concierge wellness team to track their overall process. 

Once diagnosed, a medical professional helps the patient choose which option is ideal for optimal results and then guides them through the process.

Testosterone therapy has minor side effects, just like virtually any medical procedure. Some of the common side effects include mild fluid retention, acne, mood swings and reduced fertility.

If you ever experience side effects during treatment, we encourage you to let your doctor know immediately. At Renew Vitality LA, our team constantly monitors our clients during their programs and ensures we minimize the likelihood of discomfort.

Finding Testosterone Therapy in LA 

LA has over 57 testosterone replacement therapy clinics to service approximately 4 million residents. Picking the right clinic can be tricky with so many options. Narrow down your selection by doing your research. Don’t be afraid to ask around for references from friends and family and check out client reviews before booking a consultation.

Start with Renew Vitality LA

Our LA team is led by anti-aging specialist Dr. Gary Kawesch. Our Beverly Hills clinic offers a holistic approach to men’s health and vitality. Sometimes clients can have symptoms associated with low T even though their levels are not technically under 300 ng/dL. 

We care about making you feel your best. If you’re feeling even marginally low energy or having slight hair loss and simply want to optimize your testosterone levels, we can create a plan to meet your needs. We have customized wellness programs geared towards reviving your energy and boosting your physical performance.