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The median age of men living in Miami Beach is 41, and researchers have found that some men begin noticing T levels decrease in their 40s. With a majority of the Miami Beach population at the age of 40 years and older, there are over 120 clinics for men to receive testosterone injections, including Renew Vitality Miami.

Renew Vitality Can Help

Dr. Thierry Jacquemin is a board-certified internal medicine specialist and leads the Miami wellness team. We do things differently than many of the clinics in the area. Some clinics will prescribe medication only, without requiring blood tests; however, we think the key to promoting men’s health and wellness is identifying the root cause first.

Our personalized approach to testosterone treatment incorporates nutrition and exercise to support an increase in natural T production, thereby alleviating various underlying medical conditions. Even if you do not have low T, but haven’t been feeling yourself lately, give us a call to learn about your options.