Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has become an increasingly popular solution with adult men over the age of 30. Aging can cause T levels to gradually plummet by 1% each year after turning 30.

If levels become too low, men can experience a series of unwelcome physical, mental, and emotional changes. Some of the most common symptoms of low T include low libido, fatigue, weight gain, and disruptive sleep patterns. TRT has become the answer for many men because of its ability to optimize the body’s current hormone levels and relieve symptoms.

How to diagnose Low T

It can be difficult to resist the urge to self-diagnose based on the presence or absence of specific symptoms. But hypogonadism is nuanced. For instance, in some cases, men could be experiencing some of the signs of low T, like loss of muscle and bone mass, but T levels are not abnormally low.

Many of the signs of low T could also be associated with a variety of underlying medical conditions, like heart complications, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Instead of approaching symptoms as proof of diagnosis, treat them as a sign that it’s time to make an appointment with a specialist.

Many hormonal clinics have popped up in the Los Angeles area over the past ten years. With so many choices claiming to be the right fit, choosing a specialist can be tricky. Every industry has its fair share of legitimate and illegitimate practices, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

The success of TRT is highly dependent on working with an experienced and knowledgeable health care professional. Do your research first. Patient reviews offer personal accounts and can give you first-hand knowledge to weed out under-qualified clinics. Don’t forget the power of asking for recoRenew Vitality Can Help

Dr. Gary Kawesch leads our concierge team at Renew Vitality in LA. Throughout his tenure, Dr. Kawesch has performed almost 70,000 surgical procedures and currently specializes in anti-aging medicine at the Southern California office.

Our customizable wellness plan protects and enhances male physicality and vitality. It can boost energy levels, encourage the growth of strong muscles and bones, and optimize sexual health.

mmendations in narrowing the pool.

A reputable center will do a thorough exam to collect details about the client’s medical history. Hormonal experts like to collect information about past traumas and prescription medications to uncover any signs of hypogonadism or other underlying medical complications.

Typically the healthy T level range for adult men is between 300-1000 ng/dL. Make sure you pick a clinic that also includes a blood panel as part of the pre-screening process for diagnosing low T. If levels consistently drop below 300 ng/dL, the client will be diagnosed with low T.

How to Find a Good Clinic for Testosterone Injections

With testosterone injections increasing in popularity, it’s essential to know what to look for in a reputable clinic.

Testosterone injections are a medical procedure that requires the skill of a highly-qualified board-certified physician.

Before choosing a location, don’t forget to ask the office about the qualifications of the medical staff. You want a physician that specializes in the endocrine system and has years of experience delivering hormone replacement therapy.

Every office uses different hormones. Some offices have started incorporating Estrace, a new hormone medication that is engineered by synthesizing organic plant matter like yams and soybeans. However, there still isn’t enough research as to whether this approach is more effective.

Marketing in the TRT industry can be a little misleading. Bioidentical hormones have also gained a lot of hype recently. What makes them unique is that their chemical structure mimics the same structure the hormones in the body naturally produce. Some offices believe that bioidentical hormones are more “natural” than other synthetic options, but in reality, both treatments are created in a lab.

The success of TRT largely depends on the approach. Medical professionals know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to patient care. At Renew Vitality, we believe that testosterone injections are just one part of TRT. Clients need an individualized treatment plan that addresses specific hormone deficiencies and takes all your needs into consideration.

Can I get Testosterone Injections in LA?

Did you know there are approximately 4 million people living in LA? In 2018 it was labeled the 4th most populated county in the nation. While there was a recent peak, researchers are predicting the population growth to slow down over the next decade due to issues with the real estate and construction industries.

Currently, LA has over 57 testosterone replacement therapy clinics to treat residents and vacationers. Renew Vitality LA is a highly-rated and recommended testosterone replacement therapy clinic in the heart of Beverly Hills.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll walk you through how we can reverse the effects of aging and restore youthful energy and health.