Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been a hotly debated topic amongst medical professionals in the last few decades. However, the consensus is that TRT is an extremely promising treatment for men with the symptoms of hypogonadism also known as low testosterone production. In this article, we will explore the medical benefits of TRT and how it can improve the quality of life for men suffering from low T.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Also referred to as androgen replacement therapy, TRT is a medical treatment for low testosterone in males, though it is sometimes given to women as well. Low testosterone has earned the nickname of “male menopause,” but this condition is quite different than female menopause since the body produces less testosterone over decades, rather than a sudden drop in hormones in the matter of just a couple of years.

TRT is used by aging men all over the world to treat unpleasant side effects of low T such as low libido, muscle weakness, irritability, and weight gain. Testosterone therapy has been used successfully in numerous clinical trials to aid in weight loss, increase bone density and muscle mass, and even increase libido.

Benefits of TRT

Body Composition

TRT affects body composition in a number of ways. One of the most far-reaching effects of T is its influence over the body’s muscle protein synthesis, the body’s ability to convert stored energy into skeletal muscle.

When muscle mass increases, it boosts metabolism since muscle takes much higher amounts of calories (energy) for upkeep than fat deposits. The daily caloric requirement to maintain one pound of muscle is three times higher than the number of calories required to upkeep the same amount of fat.

Multiple studies have also concluded that men with low T who are treated with TRT lose more weight with diet and exercise than men who are on a diet and exercise plan alone.


Low T has been reported as a cause of low energy, irritability, depression, and decreased concentration in males; these are some of the most common reasons men choose to try TRT. When studied in rodents, testosterone was shown to increase the body’s production of serotonin, the chemical responsible for feeling joy. Oftentimes, low T throws men in a cycle of low energy which causes them to be less active and further decreases the gonad’s production of T.

Sexual Performance

Men who take TRT commonly report an increase in libido as well as more quality erections. Low T seldom causes erectile dysfunction by itself, but when combined with other signs of aging, it can make men lose interest in intimacy and may attribute to difficulties with performance.

Hair and Bone Health

One of the most noticeable effects of T is the promotion of hair growth during puberty. Reports have shown that TRT can increase hair growth, specifically in the beard area, thanks to a metabolite of T referred to as Di-hydro-testosterone (DHT). TRT has even been shown to increase hair growth in females who exhibit extremely low levels of T.

Evidence suggests that TRT also protects against low bone density since it stops the body from reabsorbing calcium that composes bone.

How to Get Started

Renew Vitality is one of the country’s leading care providers for men with low T. Our medical staff are passionate about helping men succeed on their journey to wellness. Patient comfort is the number one priority at Renew Vitality; our team will walk you through your options and explain how the treatment process works.

In addition to administering hormone therapy, our staff will work with you to create an individualized wellness plan that details exercise and diet goals to help you reach the pinnacle of health.

In order to give you the most informed consultation possible, we ask that our patients submit a blood sample 48 hours before their initial consultation. Having a quantitative measurement of your T-serum levels will allow our team to get to the root of your symptoms and find out if TRT is right for you. Our providers will work with you on a one-on-one basis to guide you on how to increase hormone production naturally and administer HRT to get your levels where they need to be in the meantime. If you are experiencing the signs of low T, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with one of our health care teams.