Think of hormones as the body’s chemical messenger service. They communicate with tissues and control the function of several psychological and physical attributes. For men, testosterone (T) is one of the most influential chemical messengers in the body.

Chronic inflammation and malfunctions in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are some of the many causes for T levels to decline rapidly. Direct trauma and mental stressors can also deplete T levels over time. Once levels drop below 300 ng/dL, men are diagnosed with low T.

Renew Vitality has ten offices across the nation dedicated to helping men combat hormonal deficiencies like low T so they can get back to feeling themselves again. We are one of the leading providers in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the country.

What are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

HRT dramatically affects the body’s ability to grow strong and lean muscles. The treatment uses bioidentical hormones, which mirror the structure and function of the testosterone the body already produces.

Since testosterone synthesizes protein from nutrition sources like red meat and beans to build muscle, bioidentical hormones support T deficiencies by converting food and stored energy into skeletal muscles. In one study, boosting T levels increased muscle protein synthesis in men by 27% over 12 weeks.

HRT has compounding positive effects. The increase in muscle mass also speeds up metabolic functions, a series of biochemical processes that breakdown food and transform it into energy. One pound of muscle requires three times the amount of energy of one pound of fat. HRT increases muscle mass, thus increasing the ability to burn fat and slim the waistline.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. Low T levels can decrease libido and, in extreme cases, lower sperm count and cause erectile dysfunction (ED). HRT can mitigate the negative sexual consequences of low T so men can have fulfilling sex lives.

HRT can increase hair growth and reverse the effects of male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia, a disease that affects as many as 50 million adult American men each year.

How do I know If I have a Hormone Deficiency?

If a certified medical professional believes their patient may have a hormonal deficiency, the first step is to test their blood.  It’s not enough to diagnose a patient by only identifying the symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms of low T or other hormone imbalances can closely resemble other underlying medical conditions.

Low Growth Hormone can be slightly trickier to diagnose because it often requires an Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) exam along with blood analysis. Usually, the IGF-1 test is repeated many times after the initial diagnosis and during treatment to identify the optimal dosage.

A blood serum analysis will appropriately identify if there are any deficiencies. Choosing HRT is a serious medical decision. Working with an expert in endocrinology and HRT ensures that patients receive an accurate medical diagnosis and a personalized program that addresses specific symptoms.

Is there HRT for Men in Portland, OR?

Portland has recently become a national hipster haven; with over 650,000 residents, the city’s recent popularity has made it the most densely populated city in Oregon and the third most populous city in the Pacific Northwest after Seattle and Vancouver. The City of Roses has consistently grown by 10,000 residents each year since 2010, with about 4,375 Portlanders per square mile.

While the urban areas continue to boom by 10% each year over the past decade, many of the residents in the rural areas are flocking to the city. The median age for adult men is 37, and over  50,000 men are 40 years and older. Unfortunately, there are currently only five clinics for male Portlanders to receive hormone replacement therapy.

For men over 30 who are searching for relief from symptoms associated with hormone deficiencies and want to learn more about HRT, Renew Vitality Portland is a highly rated and recommended provider for HRT in the area.

How can Renew Vitality Help You?

We currently offer several approaches for men dealing with the symptoms of low T and other hormone deficiencies. Our office in Portland is led by a concierge team of wellness professionals that are dedicated to providing testosterone and HGH therapy along with sermorelin therapy to effectively optimize hormone levels.

The key to our holistic treatment approach to HRT is our ability to offer personalized wellness programs.

Our physicians not only offer medications, but they also get to know every aspect of each client’s lifestyle, short and long term goals. They can pinpoint critical lifestyle changes to better support natural testosterone production. Our hands-on approach guides clients through the steps for promoting wellness and vitality while monitoring their success along the way.

Learn more about the Renew Vitality approach today by scheduling an appointment with one of our ten locations.