Have you been feeling not like yourself lately? Far too often, we tell ourselves that feeling drained or exhausted is just a fact of life. However, as men age, our hormone levels gradually decrease. Low testosterone levels could be the root cause of the very symptoms you’ve been avoiding.

Here at Renew Vitality, we specialize in helping our clients identify and treat their hormonal imbalances instead of letting it control their lives.

What are the symptoms of Low T?

Low T can have physical and mental side effects. Guys often complain that they’re exhausted during the day, but can’t get a good night’s sleep. Low T can even make your sleep apnea worse; mainly, you’ll find that you’re breathing will pause more often or for longer while sleeping.

Hot flashes aren’t just for women going through menopause. Often, men with low T wake up at night in a puddle of sweat because of hot flashes.

The side effects can start to chip away at your confidence. What used to be a six-pack may turn into a beer belly, as your muscle tone vanishes. We can even start losing the motivation to workout.

Hormone fluctuations like plunging testosterone and rising estrogen can cause your beard and body hair to become patchy.

Men may find it harder to concentrate or make it through the day without feeling exhausted, depressed, or irritable.

Low T can cause a severe strain on your relationships as well. Low T tends to be associated with low libido and erectile dysfunction. Low T can affect the size of your testes, and make your scrotum feel unusually soft. It can even lower semen production, which, in turn, could make it more difficult to have kids.

How does Hormone Replacement Therapy work?

Before starting HRT, your doctor will have you take a blood panel a few times to get an accurate measure of your hormone levels.

If your tests come back with below normal levels, then they may recommend HRT to restore balance.

HRT comes in several forms like gels and patches; however, at Renew Vitality, we prefer using injections because it’s by far the safest and most effective choice.

There are several types of HRT; Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, and TRT.

Sermorelin acetate mimics our growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHrH); that’s why doctors will inject it in men with low growth hormone levels. Most physicians suggest taking it right before bed because your body focuses on repairing while you sleep. If your levels are incredibly deficient, they may recommend taking another dose first thing in the morning.

Ipamorelin also helps restore low growth hormone levels. You can deliver the dose yourself at home with a tiny syringe. Just make sure you inject it on an empty stomach for the best results. You can eat or drink about a half-hour later.

Don’t let the size of the dose fool you. It’s small but incredibly potent. Your doctor may suggest you take it cycles instead of long-term treatment to give yourself and your body time to adjust.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) comes in either a patch, gel, or injectable. Every client is different. Occasionally your doctors will suggest subdermal pellets. They slowly release a small dose of bioidentical testosterone, which can be a more convenient option.

TRT works the same way as your body’s naturally-produced androgens by gradually elevating testosterone. We like to schedule treatments in shorter 3-month increments, which works better with your body’s hormone production.

You can stop HRT any time you’d like, just let us know. It’s best to decrease the dosage of each treatment slowly, so you’re easing into it.

Finding Effective Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment in NYC

The “Big Apple” spans a jaw-dropping 302.6 square miles and is comprised of 5 massive boroughs, but there are only 19 offices that offer hormone replacement therapy in New York City. With 8.5 million citizens, it’s a little surprising there aren’t more options available for residents.

Finding a hormone replacement expert you can trust in the most populated city in the country can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Where should you start your search in the most populated city in the US? Renew Vitality of NYC is one of the country’s most trusted providers of hormone replacement therapy for men 30 and older.

Renew Vitality is here to help

If you think you’re experiencing a hormonal imbalance, then what are you waiting for? Book a consultation with us at Renew Vitality’s New York office. We’ll start by identifying the root cause of your symptoms and build a multi-faceted treatment plan to manage your hormone levels so you can back to feeling yourself again.