Identifying the normal range for testosterone (T) is nuanced. T levels will fluctuate several times throughout a day or lifetime. The highest peak for men is during adolescence and early adulthood to promote proper growth and sexual development. 

Once men turn 30, total T levels begin to decline, by 1% each year, and bioavailable testosterone can decrease by 2-3%. For most adult men, levels between 270-1200 ng/dL with an average of 679 ng/dL are considered ideal. Anything lower than 300 ng/dL is considered low testosterone (low T) and is usually associated with adverse medical complications.  

At Renew Vitality, we are dedicated to educating clients on the reasons why their T levels may be declining and how hormone replacement therapy can help them get their lives back. Our physicians work with men one-on-one to find and treat the root cause of their symptoms and diligently monitor T levels throughout the process.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a non-invasive medical procedure to increase current testosterone levels by supplying the body with bio-identical synthetic testosterone. The first step in receiving HRT is to find a reputable medical professional that specializes in hormone imbalances and endocrinology.

Most men decide to make an appointment after noticing unpleasant signs like hair loss, weight gain, trouble sleeping, and a decrease in sexual function. However, doctors don’t only base their diagnosis on symptoms. Many of the common signs associated with hormonal imbalances can also be evidence of other underlying medical conditions. 

According to the American Urological Association, a legitimate diagnosis requires an in-depth assessment of a patient’s medical history, along with a thorough physical and blood panel. Men over the age of 30 with T levels lower than 300 ng/dL are prime candidates for HRT.

Men have several options for administering HRT, including patches, gels pellets, and injections. At Renew Vitality, we prefer injections. It allows the patients to get a precise dosage and does not have the same risk factors as topical solutions like gels and creams. 

HRT can cause serious medical complications in women and children if they accidentally come in contact with the medication. Whether women are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding, HRT can harm the baby. Women can also experience excessive facial and body hair growth, and acne, while children can develop enlarged genitals, aggressive behavior, and increased sexual desire.

If men decide to start with topical testosterone solutions, they should make sure to cover the medicated area with clothing and thoroughly wash their hands after each application.

Regardless of the method, the therapy works by using manufactured testosterone to bind to your body’s androgen receptors like how a key unlocks a door. Receptors are all over the body, and androgen receptors are primarily within muscle and skin tissue, testes, and organs.

Once the treatment is administered, the hormone levels within the body begin to rise and gradually stabilize. Most clients will start to notice results soon after starting HRT, around 2-5 weeks within the first stages of the treatment. In some cases, it can take months for the full effects of the therapy to manifest.

Every client is different. At Renew Vitality, most of our patient’s HRT is in cycles along with a personalized diet and nutrition plan to optimize results. The benefit of scheduling HRT in cycles is that it gives the body enough time to rehabilitate and naturally increase T levels.

Unfortunately, insurance companies Generally do not cover HRT, and we cannot file claims to health insurance agencies. However, in most cases, lab work, like hormonal blood panels, is covered by most insurance companies. We encourage all of our clients to verify their coverage and find out which physicians are in your network before choosing an HRT provider.

Finding Hormone Replacement Therapy in Richland Hills

Richland Hills has approximately 8,000 residents with a median age of 42, which is around 23% higher than the state’s average. There are currently 60 clinics offering HRT for men over the age of 30, including Renew Vitality, Ft Worth. 

What sets us apart from the rest? Our concierge team has decades of experience providing excellent service for men across the country.

Maintain Your Vigor with Renew Vitality

Starting with us is easy! Before your first visit, all of our clients take a blood panel so our physicians can have a clear picture of their hormone levels. Our holistic approach to hormone deficiency combines the latest innovations in exercise science and nutrition with bioavailable hormone medication for incredible results.

We meet with patients one-on-one and construct a personalized wellness plan that takes into account our client’s lifestyle, symptoms, and needs. Renew Vitality specializes in a broad spectrum of HRT, and provides state of the art solutions like sermorelin therapy to treat conditions like human growth hormone deficits. Give us a call today to learn about all your options.