Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fort Worth TX

Do you know what the normal testosterone levels are for adult men? If not, you’re not alone! There isn’t nearly enough information from reputable hormone treatment providers. It can be very difficult to find accurate information on hormone levels for men and what to do if you think you have low testosterone (low T).

The ideal T range for men is between 300 ng/dL to 1,000 ng/dL. Men with levels that are lower than normal can be diagnosed with low T. Men with lower than average T levels can experience unwanted physical and mental changes. 

At Renew Vitality, we know that even when men have T levels within the normal range, they can still suffer from many of the same symptoms associated with low T. If you’re noticing changes like fatigue, low libido, weight gain, or hair loss, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with a certified medical professional — you could be an excellent candidate for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

How do I know if I have Low T?

If you’re on this page, then you’ve taken the first important step in identifying if you have low T: researching the symptoms. Many men start their journey because they’ve noticed some changes, and it’s affecting their lifestyle.

Low T Symptoms


It’s easy to ignore chronic fatigue or assume it’s just a byproduct of getting older. It’s common for men with low T to experience tiredness that doesn’t improve, despite getting adequate rest. 

Sexual Dysfunction

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone, which means a decrease in T levels can impact libido and other significant sexual functions. Hypogonadal men can also develop erectile dysfunction (ED), making it difficult to create and sustain an erection during intercourse. Low T can also decrease sperm production, causing men to experience temporary or permanent infertility.

Weight Gain

In men, testosterone acts as a metabolizing agent. Metabolizing agents regulate the breakdown of food into energy for use or storage. Low T levels can slow down the metabolism and encourage the body to store more fat cells, instead of building muscle mass. The disturbance of this process can be a significant contributor to weight gain.

Loss of Muscle Mass

If there isn’t enough testosterone in the body, then the muscles will decrease protein synthesis. Muscles are built and maintained through protein synthesis. Men with low T tend to notice that they can’t put on more muscle mass, no matter how much they work out or augment their diet by adding protein. In one study, testosterone therapy improved muscle mass by 27% in participants after 12 weeks.

Mood Swings

Researchers found the brain contains testosterone receptors, suggesting hormones play a pivotal role in mood and emotional management. Hypogonadal men are more likely to have mood swings and clinical depression.


Testosterone is one of the four essential hormones for healthy bone reformation and reabsorption. Men with low T can experience an increased risk of bone fractures. Low T specifically targets the spine and hips, causing fractures to develop without the proper treatment.

Poor Sleep

Some of the common sleep disturbances associated with hormonal imbalances in men include insomnia and night sweats. If you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, it may be time to talk with a specialist.

Getting the Best Hormone Replacement Therapy in Ft. Worth, TX

Ft. Worth is known for its roots in the cattle ranching industry and has earned the nickname “Cowtown.” The world-famous Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District is the last remaining historic stockyard in the US. The Stockyards were originally established in 1866 and have transformed into one of the city’s biggest family-friendly tourist attractions. 

Visitors can attend rodeos, live music shows, museums, and western-themed shopping. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas.

There are over 890,000 residents who call Ft. Worth home. This makes Ft. Worth the 5th largest city in Texas and the 13th largest city in the nation. The economy employs over 426,000 people in large industries like Retail Trade and Health Care & Social Assistance. 

Between 2017 and 2018, Ft. Worth experienced massive growth, an increase of 2.61%, and is predicted to continue to grow. Currently, the median age in the city is 33.2, which is a typical age for men to begin seeking hormone replacement therapy. Fortunately, Ft. Worth residents over 30 have over 110 hormone replacement therapy treatment centers from which to choose.

Getting the best HRT comes down to picking a provider you can trust. That’s why so many men go to Renew Vitality. We are one of the nation’s leading providers for HRT and have been serving men in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and surrounding areas since 2011. 

Renew Vitality Has You Covered

Our hormone replacement therapy combines medication with exercise and diet for optimal results. Even if you don’t have low T, we can work with you to optimize your T levels. Every client is different, but men can start noticing the effects within two to five weeks after starting treatment. If you’d like to see if Renew Vitality can help you feel like yourself again, schedule an appointment with us today.