Testosterone fuels a variety of essential bodily functions like cognition, mood, and body composition.  It is the primary male sex hormone. Researchers divide the roles of testosterone into anabolic and androgenic functions. 

The anabolic effects of testosterone include increased protein in cells, building muscle mass, reinforcing bone density, and fortifying bones. Additionally, testosterone triggers many other significant metabolic processes. In contrast, the androgenic effects of testosterone are the changes that promote stereotypically masculine features like facial and body hair growth.

For many men, T levels can decline with age. Starting at 30, men can lose 1% of their total T production every year. 1% may seem like a low rate; however, the annual loss of T has a compounding effect over time. 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been proven to help men optimize current T levels and treat unwanted physical and mental changes that affect a man’s quality of life stemming from changes in hormone levels.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Help?

Mental Health and Emotional Management

Free testosterone floats through the bloodstream, looking for receptors to connect with and activate.  It is not a well-known fact that the brain also contains T receptors and requires optimal T levels to maintain normal functionality. T levels impact cognition and mood. 

Men with low T tend to be more irritable, are prone to mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, possible cognitive impairment can lead to a disadvantage in the workplace.

Many men say low T makes them feel blue, irritable, and not like themselves. The physical manifestations of depression can include headaches and back pain. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it can be a sign that it’s time to speak with a doctor.  

There’s growing evidence that HRT is an effective solution to treat the emotional and cognitive symptoms associated with hormone imbalances.

Bone Health

Osteoporosis affects 1 in 4 men over 50, which equals approximately 54 million Americans. Osteoporosis is a serious medical condition that occurs when men either lose too much bone, make too little bone, or both. Over time, bones become weak and can break from a mild fall. In advanced cases, men can even break bones from minor bumps or sneezing. 

While bones may feel solid, under a microscope, they are actually porous, meaning they are filled with tiny spaces like a sponge or honeycomb. Men with low T can develop osteoporosis, causing the spaces in the bone to become larger than men with normal T levels. 

Osteoporosis is often called the “silent disease” because men don’t actually feel their bones weakening. In fact, for many, the first sign of osteoporosis is breaking a bone. Fractures can be fatal; approximately 30% of men with hip fractures can expire within the first year after the break.

Observational studies prove that HRT can reduce bone turnover and increase bone mass density. More adults are choosing HRT as a preventative measure because it can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis later in life.

Sexual Health

In a double-blind study following 30 men with low T, testosterone gel treated erectile dysfunction, raised libido, and increased sexual satisfaction in just three months. T gels are just one form of administering testosterone therapy. 

At Renew Vitality, our medical professionals and clients prefer testosterone injections. Our extensive experience suggests it is a safer and faster alternative to T gels. In another study, injectable hormone therapy increased sexual function in 31 men after just two months.

Weight Management

Testosterone synthesizes fats, carbohydrates, and proteins so men can maintain a healthy body fat composition. One of the side effects of low T includes weight gain, especially in the midsection. Men can develop gynecomastia, a condition that causes enlarged breasts. HRT can slow down fat storage and increase muscle mass in approximately two to five weeks.

Getting the Best Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale has over 180,000 residents, and the majority of the population is between the ages of 46-65. Residents have embraced spas and clinics as opportunities to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. There are over 30 clinics for men over 30 to receive hormone replacement therapy, including Renew Vitality.

Renew Vitality Has You Covered

We have ten locations across the country that are dedicated to helping men live healthier and happier lives. We work with clients to find the root cause of their symptoms, and then develop a personalized wellness program to dramatically improve their quality of life.

 Even if you don’t have low T, but are noticing changes to your physique, sex life, or energy, give us a call. We can optimize your current levels, so you can feel like yourself again!