Hormone therapy and anti-aging medicine have come under a great deal of scrutiny in recent years. An uptick in unlicensed hormone therapy providers has made many would-be patients shy away from seeking treatment. 

There are several hormone therapy and anti-aging clinics in the Coral Gables area, and we’ll teach you what to be on the lookout for when seeking an HRT provider. 

Testosterone Levels Change As You Age

T production starts in both male and female embryos at just 8 weeks of gestation and continues for the rest of life. For males, T production reaches its record high during young adulthood and levels remain relatively stable until about age 30. After this period, levels slowly decrease by around 1-3% each year. Two percent doesn’t seem like much but over 20 years, your total T could be cut in half. 

Rates of hypogonadism are steadily climbing while the average T levels of healthy men is at an all-time low. Scientists estimate that 25% of all males over 40 have low T and this rate of doubles for men over 80

So what’s causing these hormone fluctuations? 

One of the primary reasons levels fall as we get older is T-producing Leydig cells, become less responsive to hormonal stimuli. Another common culprit is that a part of our brain called the hypothalamus stops making as much gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which’s a key component for T synthesis. 

The symptoms of low T can take many forms and may be mental, physical, sexual, or emotional. Problems concentrating, difficulty achieving an erection, loss of libido, poor stamina, weight gain, and persistent tiredness are common but some men are asymptomatic for years. 

HGH and Sermorelin Treatment

Low growth hormone (HGH) is another prevalent hormone deficiency in middle-aged men. Symptoms of low GH include sensitivity to environmental temperatures, high BMI, mental illnesses, lethargy, loss of sexual interest, erectile dysfunction, and osteoporosis. 

Sermorelin is the most commonly prescribed medication for low GH since it has fewer side effects than alternative treatments. 

This medication can be used safely in conjunction with TRT, and many doctors recommend a combination of these therapies since sermorelin can mitigate certain side effects of testosterone like low sperm count. According to the Journal of Endocrinology, animal studies involving Geref and TRT found the combination of these medications increased the effectiveness of both therapies, respectively. 

Sermorelin isn’t a hormone replacement therapy since it contains no HGH, instead, it works by stimulating the gland that produces natural GH. Patients report better mood, more restful sleep, improved muscle mass, and an increase in energy after several months of therapy. Sermorelin may also improve bone density and aid the immune system since GH has significant restorative effects on the body

Finding High-Quality HRT in Coral Gables, Florida

Flordia has more hormone therapy facilities per capita than anywhere else in the nation, but not all of these are what they claim. Unlicensed hormone medicine has become a serious problem with Florida’s lax medical laws, particularly in the Miami-Dade area, where over 200 cases of unlicensed practitioners were prosecuted form 2009 to 2013. 

Sadly, phony doctors have given HRT and anti-aging treatments a bad reputation. Clinical data suggests that along with relieving symptoms of low T, TRT can offer a leg up in the treatment of secondary conditions like osteoporosis and obesity

The American Council on Science and Health suggests patients request documentation of education and proof of identity: 

“By law, they should be readily displayed in a doctor’s office. But, badges should also be unobstructed and easily viewed by patients” The ACSH also recommends researching before making an appointment. They advise new patients to verify their doctor’s identity on the department of health or medical licensing board websites (these sites differ for each state.)  

Renew Vitality Can Help

Renew Vitality has provided the Miami area with cutting-edge hormone optimization therapies for over a decade and is a nationally-recognized name in anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Thierry Jacquemin, head of our Coral Gables clinic and graduate of Nova Southeastern University, worked for years in internal medicine before switching to the field of anti-aging n medicine, after his personal success with hormone therapy. 

Dr. Jacquemin’s motto is to optimize the full scope of patient health rather than relying on medications alone. His practice stresses the importance of diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, in addition to HRT to help patients reach their peak performance in all areas of life. 

He explains that TRT is associated with better mental, physical, sexual, and cognitive function, and can even be used as a preventative measure against secondary conditions sometimes brought about by low T. 

Considering treatment for a hormone imbalance but don’t know where to begin? Schedule a consultation at your local office to learn more about what Renew Vitality can do for you.