Growth Hormone Stimulation (GHRH)

Human growth hormone(or HGH) is a peptide hormone. While it serves a number of functions, it primarily supports the cultivation, propagation and regeneration of key body cells. In short, HGH is the reason for youthful vitality. It can increase muscle density, give you more energy, renew your sexual libido, reduce your body fat, improve mental performance and strengthen your heart! It is more than just a chemical, more than just a peptide hormone, it’s responsible for the feeling that comes with being young.

Low HGH production is also responsible for the opposite symptoms, those often associated with aging. It leads to reduced muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, depression, forgetfulness, higher blood pressure, difficulty sleeping and increased belly fat. All of these symptoms men are told are simply an inevitable part of growing older are now observable and controllable by modern science.

We spend a lot of time on this site talking about hormone replacement therapy, and that’s exactly what Sermorelin is. It is not itself a human growth hormone, but rather a growth hormone releasing analogue. This means that by undergoing a treatment of Sermorelin, it is possible to allow your body to naturally restore your growth hormone levels. As men reach ages beyond 30, they begin to see declining growth hormone reproduction which can lead to many commonly accepted symptoms of aging such as increased body fat, poor memory and loss of musculature.

The aging process can be scary. It can be depressing. It can even lead men to question themselves, and their purpose. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s a natural part of life that all men undergo, and 20 years ago it was a frightening prospect. With the help of medical science and further understanding, we now know that this is no longer the case. This fate is now not only avoidable, but aging can now be an exciting and natural part of life.

HGH replacement therapy has a simple purpose, which is to correct the decline of human growth hormone production as the body gains years. However, it can have a variety of benefits! It can make you feel like you’re 20 again. Our patients experience a healthier lifestyle, a more active and pleasurable sex life, and a brighter outlook on their life.

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