The Truth about Human Growth Hormone Replacement

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone produced naturally in the pituitary gland and is responsible for cell growth and regeneration. It is credited with protecting and maintaining body tissue health, including that of the brain, muscles, skin and other organs. Low levels of growth hormone have been linked to common aging problems such as sleep disruption, belly fat, reduced muscle and bone mass, depression, increased blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction.

Our doctors utilize Sermorelin therapy to stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally produce more growth hormone. The boost in production gives the body the same benefits of HGH without outside administration. The use of Sermorelin, which allows the body to regulate how high hormone levels can get, has been reported to be safer than other hormone replacement therapies.

Symptoms of Low-T

  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • Low Energy
  • Gaining Fat
  • Muscle Loss
  • Diminished Sense of Overall Well-being
  • Fatigue or Decreased Endurance
  • Feeling older than you really are!


With decades of combined experience in the field of anti-aging and age management, our doctors and support staff are fully prepared to handle all of your personal Hormone Replacement Therapy needs. However, we don’t feel that it’s enough to stop there. Not only can we help you reach a richer life through testosterone, sermorelin and amino acid treatments, but we also offer a fully fledged, individualized Wellness Plan.

You can feel confident that the path we lay out for you will be efficient and effective. All of our wellness plans are individually tailored to each customer in order to achieve the best results for you and your needs. We are here to help you and if any issues arise, our response team will handle them within a matter of hours.

“I challenge anyone to find a more diversely positive factor in men’s health than Testosterone. When normally abundant, it is at the core of energy, stamina, and sexuality. When deficient, it is at the core of disease and early demise.”

Dr. Eugene Shippen, M.D.